Palo Alto Farmers’ Markets: Recent Discoveries and Old Favorites

Each time I go to a farmers’ market I feel like I discover something new and wonderful, whether it be a new kind of vegetable or fruit, or taking the plunge to try something I’ve been meaning to for a long time (this last weekend it was squash blossoms!) or a completely new vendor. This … Continue reading

Blah, blah, blah, ah…Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Yum!

I have a cold right now and nothing, absolutely nothing, except tea has tasted good to me the last couple days. For lunch today I heated up some vegetable minestrone (from Whole Foods yesterday) to have with a fresh demi baguette from Mayfield Bakery. Blah. The soup, like everything else the last 2 days, was not … Continue reading

A Great Blue Cheese

Cheese shopping is always fun, so many varieties to choose from! Yes, it can be overwhelming sometimes as well. When selecting an ensemble for a cheese platter, we tend to get one or two types we have had before and throw in two we’ve never had. It you don’t try anything new, you’ll never make wonderful … Continue reading

Favorite Places to eat

Places that keep me coming back over and over, and even traveling to be able to enjoy their creations. Boston, MA (and nearby towns) Bakers Best, Newton, MA. Great for brunch on the weekends. Cambridge 1, Cambridge, MA. Great artisanal pizza and atmosphere.  Chez Henri, Cambridge, MA. Really comforting, elegant food. The bar has a … Continue reading

A few foodie must haves for the holidays

While not comprehensive, here is a list of a few items I’ve discovered that I think any foodie could benefit from having around for the holidays. They are great to break out for an impromptu gathering, to give as a host(ess) gift or even to simply enjoy yourself. It’s a busy time of year, so … Continue reading