Seeking great fried chicken, found Amazing red velvet cupcake

While I actually do not eat it very often, I do really love good crispy fried chicken. Sadly, it is always hard to come by wherever I live. Though, perhaps for the sake of my waist line, that is a good thing! I was very excited when flipping through my copy of Bon Appetit magazine … Continue reading

I heart Sweet Constructions

Sweet Constructions is now my favorite cookie company. I first encountered Sweet Constructions one Friday afternoon while making my weekly visit to Moxsie Street Eats (each week Moxsie invites different street food vendors to their little parking lot to serve up their delicious edible creations to the local Palo Alto community – it is really … Continue reading

Filipino food and fresh madeleines for lunch…not too shabby

Thanks again Moxsie for making lunch something special today! I’ve been looking forward to lunch today as soon as I was finished with my KungFu Tacos Roasted duck taco last Friday. I needed more Street Eats STAT! And today did not disappoint. Today Sofie and I enjoyed some amazing Chicken Adobo over rice (A traditional Filipino … Continue reading

What a week – my inner foodie is content (for the moment)

Since we moved to Palo Alto I have found myself wanting in the food discovery and enjoyment department. Don’t get me wrong, we have had some great food and the local produce and farmer’s markets are amazing. But yet, something has been missing. Between not knowing too many people here, my husband’s current diet (he’s … Continue reading