Feeling Enriched, Body, Soul and Mind – Benefits of sharing homegrown and crafted bounty

You know how when kids get so excited about something that they can hardly contain it? They need to bounce and smile ear to ear? That was me this morning…before, during and after the garden share we attended. Our backyard chickens have been very productive the last few weeks with some nice weather and we’ve … Continue reading

Are you getting the most out of your honey?

Summary: To get the full benefits from honey, it needs to be raw (specifically, unheated) and local (i.e. made by local bees collecting pollen from local plants). A great local brand is Gipsons Golden Inc (Santa Rosa area) I love honey. From before I can remember, honey has always been a household staple, used most often to … Continue reading

Newton, MA 100

This page is dedicated to sharing great local products and companies I have found as I continue to try to be a better localvore (where the things we use come from within 100 miles of where we live). Now, I am by no means fanatic about being a localvore – there are so many things … Continue reading