A must have for any tea lover: The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

I can’t wait anymore, I have to blog about this tea maker. I wanted to wait until I had time to take some nice photos to go along with my story or even a video…but I can’t wait. It is just too good, I must share now! One of my Christmas presents from my amazing … Continue reading

Product Recommendation: Shopping Cart Cover

Since I am stopped at least one every two weeks by someone asking me where I got our shopping cart cover I figured I should blog about it too since I do think it was a great find. I was initially reluctant to get any kind of shopping cart cover as I was trying to … Continue reading

Product Recommendation: Green Planet Stainless-Steel Bottle

  We’ve been using a couple SIGG bottles for quite some time now but while we were in the Cape last week my husband picked up a larger stainless-steel bottle at a store while we were getting some groceries. The larger size meant we could share the one bottle on our outings instead of bringing … Continue reading

Product Recommendation: Paring Knife with Cover (Great for kids meals on the go)

I cut food into little bits for Sofie all day long and finally decided to get a few more paring knives so I could just wash them all at the end of the day. We found these great knives at Williams-Sonoma. They cut extremely well and I love that they have a cover for the … Continue reading

Product Recommendation: Cutting Board – Epicurean

Update: While we still like these boards we have come to realize that they tend to dull our knives more than wood boards do. So if you’re diligent at sharpening your knives (which we aren’t), then they may still be a good buy for you. If you are in the market for a new cutting … Continue reading