The HUF hens are 1 year old!!

Our little flock has made such an impact on our lives I can hardly believe they have only been with us slightly more than a year. It is hard to imagine life without them now! They each have their own unique personality, they follow us around the yard and even seem to try to talk … Continue reading

Feeling Enriched, Body, Soul and Mind – Benefits of sharing homegrown and crafted bounty

You know how when kids get so excited about something that they can hardly contain it? They need to bounce and smile ear to ear? That was me this morning…before, during and after the garden share we attended. Our backyard chickens have been very productive the last few weeks with some nice weather and we’ve … Continue reading

Chick update: Week 2

All of our chicks have now crossed the 2 week mark! Yay! Everyone is doing well, including our two youngest and newest additions, the Blue Birchen Marans. It is amazing to see the changes in their feather development every day, sometimes even from morning to evening. I managed to get some photos yesterday, so let … Continue reading

Babies are babies and moms are moms

My bond with these little chicks was almost immediate. So much so that to my surprise, I have been reliving some of the same emotions I had when Sofie was a new infant! Not to the same degree, but definitely present. I find myself worrying about them, whether they are too cold or too warm, … Continue reading

Chick Update: Week 1

The Ameraucanas and Javas are now 15 days old, passed the critical 2 week mark! The Easter Egger and Barred Rock are still only a mere 8 days old. It is pretty amazing to see them grow, even just over these last few days. I can’t believe we only just got them this past weekend. … Continue reading

Our chicks are here!

I am sitting next to their brooder right now as they take a little nap. I could seriously watch these little ones all day. Not only are they super cute but everything from the way they move around their brooder box, to how they sleep, to how they interact with each other to how they … Continue reading

The Coop

We have quite possibly found the most perfect coop for our yard! Our criteria: premade since we’re busy and just don’t have the time to build one, or even have one built uber-designed to take care of all of the needs of a small flock in a small footprint pretty since our yard is small … Continue reading

Chickens? In our small backyard?

I still find it hard to believe myself. But yes, in about a month we pick up our chicks, and 6 weeks after that they will be big enough to move outside into their coop in our backyard, where they will live happy lives and provide us with fresh, organic eggs and loads of fun … Continue reading